The research field “Human – Technology” aims at a strongly interdisciplinary research and innovation approach that stimulates social and technical innovations which improve the quality of life and social participation of older people as well as support all generations facing a new situation as a consequence of demographic change. The solutions envisaged in this context range from clinical, intramural to extramural solutions designed to promote an active and healthy life for older people in their own homes, communities and workplaces.

The R&D implementation clearly aims at the evidence-based development of new approaches and long-term testing under real-life conditions. Derived from the goal to realize long-term and sustainable research projects on an international level, as well as the related goal of a possible long-term research in the region of Carinthia with a high number of cases (n>100) for the research field, strong networking with the other two research fields is necessary besides the technological R&D. On the basis of previous research at the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences, the main focus of the research field “Human – Technology” is on the following areas: Active and Assisted Living, eHealth and Health Solutions and Age-Appropriate Building.