HAT Department for Health and Assistive Technologies

Human & Technology
AAL and Health Technology

Active and Assisted Living (AAL) • eHealth & Health Solutions • Participative Research & Living Lab

HAT Team

Head of Department
Foto Johannes Oberzaucher

Johannes Oberzaucher

Foto Daniela Krainer

Daniela Krainer
Dep. Head

Amin Fakia

Amin Fakia
Scientific Project Assistant

Foto Sandra Lattacher

Sandra Lisa Lattacher
Senior Researcher (on maternity leave)

Martin Olip

Martin Olip
Scientific Project Assistant

Foto Daniela Elisabeth Ströckl

Daniela Elisabeth Ströckl
Senior Researcher

Christoph Voutsinas
Junior Researcher

Sascha Fink

Sascha Fink
Junior Researcher

Foto Tanja Oberwinkler-Sonnleitner

Tanja Oberwinkler-Sonnleitner
Senior Researcher

Peter Schubert
Junior Researcher

Foto Irene Terpetschnig

Irene Terpetschnig
Project Administration

Foto Lukas Wohofsky

Lukas Wohofsky
Junior Researcher

Foto Günther Grabner

Günther Grabner


HAT Research Info Sheet (PDF, in German)
IARA Folder (PDF, bilingual)


Research on ageing from the perspective of technology and health

The department HAT deals with the interaction between humans and technology. It focuses on social and technological innovations that support a healthy and independent life in old age – in one’s own living environment, in public spaces and at work. Therefore, it uses a strongly interdisciplinary research and innovation approach. The focus is on the research fields Active & Assisted Living (AAL), eHealth & Health Solutions and Participative Research & Living Lab.

Priorities for ageing research at HAT


The Department focuses on the evidence-based development of new approaches and on long-term testing under real-life conditions. Derived from the goal to realize long-term and sustainable research projects on an international level, as well as the related goal of a possible long-term research in the regional area of Carinthia with a high number of cases (n>100) for the research field, strong networking with the other two IARA research fields is necessary in addition to technological research and development.

HAT projects and cooperation in projects

Project descriptions, links to (often English) project websites and other key information on all ongoing projects can be found on the German website version. An English translation will be made availbale as soon as possible. We are looking forward to you visiting our website again.