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Head of Department
Foto Christine Pichler

Christine Pichler

Foto Johanna Breuer

Johanna Breuer
Junior Researcher (on maternity leave)

Foto Manuela Perchtaler

Manuela Perchtaler
Junior Researcher


Gabriele Hagendorfer-Jauk
Lecturer/Senior Researcher

Regina Klein

Susanne Dungs

Foto Helmut Spitzer

Helmut Spitzer


ISAC Research Info Sheet (PDF, in German)
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Research on ageing with a focus on civil society

The research field Human – Society focuses on the living environment of older people, social inclusion and equal opportunities in health. The main emphasis of the participatory approaches is on ageing as a social process, the exchange between the generations, civil engagement by and for older people, active participation up to the highest age as well as on the mix of professional, family and neighbourly help in the communities – ultimately on the future of well-being for every age.

Priorities for ageing research at ISAC


In order to better shape the scientific discourse on the topic of ageing in the future, ISAC’s activities will focus on basic research in this area in addition to applied research. In order to support this, work is being done at IARA in cooperation with the departments DCRD and HAT on the development of an “database on ageing”. The aim is to collect new knowledge about the living conditions of older people and to develop transdisciplinary approaches and solutions that make ageing and later life more worth living.

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