Priorities of research on ageing at IARA in Austria, Carinthia

The priorities of the three departments DCRD, HAT and ISAC are strongly intertwined in IARA.

Interdisciplinary ageing research

The IARA cornerstones (specialised departmental topics), the interconnections (interfaces) and the framework (participatory, applied and transdisciplinary research) are shown as examples in the diagram below.


The research questions on ageing that are relevant to everyday life and specialise in real applications are dealt with specifically in very close cooperation between the disciplines and by transferring topics from one discipline to another (interdisciplinarity). The research of the individual disciplines does not take place separately.


The claim of our interdisciplinary cooperation is that multifaceted topics that are suitable for cooperation are dealt with in an ever increasing interweaving of expert knowledge from different fields, up to the adoption of conceptual approaches from disciplines that at first glance appear unrelated (transdisciplinarity).

Diagramm on Research Priorities