Departments of the Institute for Applied Research on Ageing IARA

The teams of the three departments work closely together at IARA. Thus, research work is not only interdisciplinary, but increasingly transdisciplinary. This means that from the very beginning, from the planning phase of a research project, through the entire project cycle to the completion of the research work, there is an intensive scientific exchange on methods, tasks and objectives. In this way, new methods and approaches adapted to each research question arise from different disciplinary approaches. You can find out more about the cooperation between the IARA departments and our interdisciplinary research on ageing under IARA research priorities.

ISAC Department for Intergenerational Solidarity, Activity and Civil Society

Human & Society: Quality of life and social participation

Lifeworlds • Inclusion • Equal opportunities

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DCRD Department for Demographic Change and Regional Development

Human & Economy: Macroeconomic Perspective

Labour market • Consumption • Macroeconomy • Migration

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HAT Department for Health and Assistive Technologies

Human & Technology: AAL and Health Technology

Active and Assisted Living (AAL) • eHealth & Health Solutions • Participative Research & Living Lab

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