alter_computer Demographic Change and Regional Development (DCRD)
The Department Demographic Change and Regional Development (DCRD) aims at researching the field of “Human-Economy” in the context of demographic change. The primary task is to carry out a (macro)economic analysis of the ageing process of society and to estimate its effects on the labour market, the consumer market and the overall economy. 



Health and Assistive Technologies (HAT)
The research field “Human – Technology” aims at a strongly interdisciplinary research and innovation approach that stimulates social and technical innovations which improve the quality of life and social participation of older people as well as support all generations facing a new situation as a consequence of demographic change.



Intergenerational Solidarity, Activity and Civil Society (ISAC)
The research field “Human – Society” combines social and health science approaches in order to meet the opportunities and challenges of an ageing society in the health, care and social sectors. The focus of European funding in this area is directed towards integrated care concepts for older people (elder care) and is conceptually linked to the concept of well-being.